Visiting the City

I have to admit, I'm not a city kind of girl. I love green fields and windy country roads, big grey buildings don't fasiniate me a whole bunch.

But London is very pretty, isn't it?

We've been in the city this week, doing some very modern headshots for a company in The Square Mile, the finanical district of London. It's not often companies allow us to have a lot of say or creativity in their company photos - it's usually head and shoulders with a high white background. Safe... but sometimes too safe. These guys gave us the opportunity do our thing and it turned out really great.

Obviously sharing their headshots isn't something we can do, but Rob took a few photos on our walkabout afterwards that I figure I could share.


Midday is definitely not a good time for photos but being on the clock we didn't have the time to hang about :) I think the contrast in old and new in London very striking. Buildings are no longer big concrete blocks, but clear panels of glass that reflect the sky. Pretty on a clear day when everything's blue. Not that that happens often here in sunny England :)


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