Christmas Freebie - Photoshop Storyboards!

Merry Christmas peeps!!

For those of you with photoshop, check out our 3 Free Photoshop Storyboard Templates here.

The templates are some of my favourite storyboards - ones Rob and myself use mainly for cake smashes, but there's plently of uses for them.

PS. if you post online, send me a link! I'd love to see what they get used for >.<

Georgee xxx

Beautiful Autumn-y Colours

How much I love this time of year is crazy. I don't love it now because it's freezing and wet and windy, but a month ago? It was beautiful. Orange and red and yellow everywhere.

We knew it was getting prettier and prettier so we set out to do a week of mini sessions where met families in a park local to our house. Mini sessions aren't something we do often, but coming up to Christmas they are a great way to appeal to people who know of us but have never used our services personally as well as get to have some fun with a whole bunch of people :)

One of my favourite sessions of the week - though it was hard to choose - was this gorgeous family who we had to reschedule due to dark, wintery weather. And what a good job it was that we did - the next day was perfect. Despite it being a half an hour session we took so many photos it was almost impossible to choose - so here's 5 out of about 40!!

Love, Georgee