How to Make a Basic .PSD Clipping Mask

Clipping masks are so perfect in photoshop. I use them all the time - for everything. The templates we make here pretty much all use clipping masks. It's such a simple but brilliant part of photoshop.

So in this tutorial I'm going to briefly explain how to make a clipping mask. Last week I went over using pre-made clipping masks in templates but if your design or a design you have purchased comes without it's an easy trick to learn and it saves so much time and energy.

Photo Present Surprise

Rob and I had the absolute pleasure of re-visiting this beautiful family this month for an outdoor session. It's such a joy to see them all again, especially their little lady who is no longer the tiny little baby girl we wrapped up in a blanket for photos.

These photos were taken in a park in Maidstone, Kent for a secret anniversary present for their parents. It was a lot of fun, they're all so pretty it's hard to get a bad photo! 

How to Use Clipping Masks (on a premade template)

A clipping mask is a layer that defines what's visible of the layer above it.

For a photographer or a blogger or anyone who needs photoshop templates in their day to day life, clipping masks will probably come up. Many of the digital templates I sell on my etsy store makes use of clipping masks, because they make life so easy - no need to crop every photo or line everything up every single time.

Good storyboards and photo templates from any one who makes them to sell or for personal use are almost always made with clipping masks.

5 Details That Improved Our Engagement Photographs

STG 8 copy

Engagement shoots, or pre-wedding shoots as some people call them, are important for a bride and groom. Maybe more than they realise. It's a time to get to know each other and let them get a better idea of what to expect on their big day.

So here's a few things that changed our pre-wedding shoots...

12 Tips to Being Awesome at Self-Employment

Rob and I are self-employed Photographers. It all seems very romantic, we go to loads of weddings and capture beautiful families and new babies. 

And it is very magical, but it's also very business-y. We're not just photographers - we're designers, customer service, sales people, accountants and more.

So we put together a list of tips to keep your business in order, whether you're a photographer or something just as exciting. We self-employed people have to have each other's backs after all :)

5 Instant Ways to Improve Taking Family Photos

5waystoimprovephotos I'm a big advocate of 'manual mode'. Depth of field is my life. Composition, framing and lead in lines are something I'll go over at a later date, but these things take time to learn and most people don't get the DSLR out every trip out. That's what an iPhone is for, after all. 

So I've got 5 very easy, instant ways to improve photos of your family and friends. (Even on an iPhone!)

Visiting the City

I have to admit, I'm not a city kind of girl. I love green fields and windy country roads, big grey buildings don't fasiniate me a whole bunch.

But London is very pretty, isn't it?

New Gadgets!! Inexpensive Remote Trigger :)

I love gadgets. Especially fun, inexpensive gadgets. This one is super cool and new and £5 from eBay so I'm sure we'll have to buy a few backups because how can anything work for £5?? 

We took this pic in front of the camera!!

Camera gadgets

Petritoli - Our Wedding Venue!!!

Italian Wedding Petritoli I'm super excited for my (our, whatever :) ) wedding next year. It's like a magical, Italian fairytale. We've invited around 60 of our close friends and family to join us for a week in a castle, in Le Marche, Italy.