12 Tips to Being Awesome at Self-Employment

Rob and I are self-employed Photographers. It all seems very romantic, we go to loads of weddings and capture beautiful families and new babies. 

And it is very magical, but it's also very business-y. We're not just photographers - we're designers, customer service, sales people, accountants and more.

So we put together a list of tips to keep your business in order, whether you're a photographer or something just as exciting. We self-employed people have to have each other's backs after all :)


1. Make a simple excel spreadsheet to keep track of everything
The one we use is really amazing (Rob spent forever on it) but you only need a page or two to get going.

2. Note down every single pound (or dollar or peso or euro!!) you make
It's incredibly theraputic to put money in a spreadsheet and think I worked hard for that.

3. Constantly update yourself
Keep up to date, whether it's your website or your customer services or your product itself,  keep an eye on trends so you don't fall behind.

4. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy
You're working for yourself and you are amazing at it. Don't forget to stop and enjoy the moment occasionally. 

5. Set deadlines
You're your own boss, but I personally know how easy it is to get sidetracked with Bloglovin' or Facebook

6. Have a day off
Rob and I are guilty of ignoring this one. There's never a day we don't get to the computer or camera and do something productive. Days off help boost the days on.

7. Keep insurance well and truly up to date
Insurance is obviously pretty important, not just for you legally, but for your customers peace of mind. I will always trust a business that has insurance over a business that doesn't and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

8. Use your time to do good
Self-employed generally means you have access to more time or a product/service that can actually help people. Take the time out to help a charity of your choosing. It's good for business - but more importantly it's good for life.

9. Back up everything
It's so easy to just copy and paste onto a USB. The panic of losing all your hard work and re-doing everything is not worth the risk.
10. Plan for the future
Plan way ahead. You may not be at saving-for-retirement stage, but plan where you want your business and money is going to go in the future.

11. Branding is a must
You may not be Apple or Google, but it's the same concept on a smaller scale - people who know you need to be able to instantly recognise your services or product.

12. You can slow down, but never stop
Obviously :)

Love, Georgee xx


  1. Some great tips there, really useful for anyone who is self-employed.

  2. Fantastic tips but what's a day off, lol xx Another tip keep your focus on one thing to complete it, rather than trying to do several things at once, it takes much longer doing the latter.