New Gadgets!! Inexpensive Remote Trigger :)

I love gadgets. Especially fun, inexpensive gadgets. This one is super cool and new and £5 from eBay so I'm sure we'll have to buy a few backups because how can anything work for £5?? 

We took this pic in front of the camera!!

Camera gadgets

It has two settings, immediate and 2 seconds. Push the button and, boom, hands-free photos!!  It's great when we have a slow shutter speed as even pressing the button can shake the frame.
Also when we want to take our personal family photos without running backwards and forwards like this one V
Family Photo Kent

It'll hopefully be a fun way to convince reluctant little brothers and sisters to join in a photoshoot. Whenever we have sessions with kids who don't want to be in the photo we ask them to get behind the behind or even take a sneaky one of them and show them on the back of the camera. Young children are always fasinated by their own faces - or even seeing a sibling in a picture. Once they've got in the swing of things, it's hard for them not to enjoy being in front of the camera too. So this may be an easier way to get them involved, we'll see :)

One downside we found is you have to be above, in front or (kind of) at the side of the camera, not behind. It works with inferred and apparently that's only at the front, at least in our 7 and 5D.

Obviously it's not perfect but it's a great addition to our setup and I really can't get over the price. 

It says Canon but how true can that be?

Regardless, it's super fun, it's not going to get used every single day but for £5, it's a bargain.

remote trigger photos canon remote trigger review

Georgee x

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