Brotherly Love...

I thought I would share some of my favourite photos of Rob's little nephews before we sneak in another photoshoot of them... with the newest member of the family. She's almost 6 months now so we're late to the photoshoot party, but she's at a great stage where she laughs and smiles and looks at us with big, beautiful eyes.

Those photos are to come in the next few weeks, but at the mo here's the big brothers before little sister arrived :)
boys 1

Lightning Photos

The weather in England went from summer to winter this week. Actual summer with flip flops and shorts and sunglasses to these sad, miserable days. The jackets are back. My feet are constantly freezing. I've got those cute fluffy microwave slippers but I'm too stubborn to use them in the middle of August.

I thought I heard thunder which - sadly - was wishful thinking, but it reminded me of some of Rob's photos sitting on the hard drive with no where to go.


Mr and Mrs Potter

 These two beautiful people were an absolute joy to photograph, despite Damon's camera-shyness.

The wedding had such a romantic setting at the beautiful Chilston Park Hotel, in Lenham, Kent. It's a gorgeous place, especially outside where there are actually garden games like a proper English Countryside Hotel. We even got a few sneaky pics of the bride and groom attempting chess!

The ceremony took place in a beautiful room, full of light, and the registrars were lovely. All in all, it was a fab day - for the bride and groom, guests and us :)


Wedding 'Passport' Invitations

Rob and I love designing stuff. I have my etsy store. Rob designs and updates our flyers and websites.

So when Rob spotted Passport invitations, he was sold on the idea.

We spent a little bit too long make them (literally days) but we love them and everyone was pretty excited to recieve them :)

Check them out....

My very own (and not at all cheesy) Save the Date Video

I have finally decided to take the plunge and added a blog to my life.

So this is my corner of the digital world to share our photographs, designs and learning how to run our very own business. 

And also the fun things in life, like my very own save the date video!! I love it, it was fun, it has fun things  and you just have to watch it cos I'm still happy about it.