Lightning Photos

The weather in England went from summer to winter this week. Actual summer with flip flops and shorts and sunglasses to these sad, miserable days. The jackets are back. My feet are constantly freezing. I've got those cute fluffy microwave slippers but I'm too stubborn to use them in the middle of August.

I thought I heard thunder which - sadly - was wishful thinking, but it reminded me of some of Rob's photos sitting on the hard drive with no where to go.


Lighteningphotos1 Lighteningphotos6 Lighteningphotos5 Lighteningphotos3 Lighteningphotos2

Rob loves to take advantage of a good thunder storm so there will no doubt be more of these in the future :)


  1. Lightening photos are so cool! It's so powerful and striking. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great photos...very moody and powerful.