5 Details That Improved Our Engagement Photographs

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Engagement shoots, or pre-wedding shoots as some people call them, are important for a bride and groom. Maybe more than they realise. It's a time to get to know each other and let them get a better idea of what to expect on their big day.

So here's a few things that changed our pre-wedding shoots...

1. Do something nice for your subjects.

For a few reasons; mostly because it helps with their nerves but also because they've got a reason to talk about you. And word of mouth is so so very important in this business.

We sometimes bring a bottle of champagne, which is always fun. During winter or bad days (it is England, after all) we bring coffee vouchers or chocolates or fancy tea.  

2. Book the shoot an hour before sunset.

Most important tip ever. Sunset is such a gorgeous time for photos, even if the sun isn't shining it still shows.

3. Don't dive right it.

Have a chat first, always. Go for a mini-walk or have a cup of tea, just chat about what they'd like to get from the shoot. 

4. Plan ahead.

Sometimes it's impossible, if it's at a client's property or 100 miles away. But if you're nearby, it's best to check out the place you're going to visit. It's a good way to find the cutest spots. You can be  spontaneous on the day, but you need something to fall back to.

5. Make sure everyone is relaxed.

Candid photos are, in my opinion, the best. You can pose your subjects and still get a 'candid' photo. Leave the pair of them to have a chat for a couple of minutes, tell a joke (or better yet, get them to tell a joke) or get one of them to pinch a bum - be very very careful with that one, you could offend!! - or a bear hug - much safer!

And don't forget to enjoy yourself, always.

Love, Georgee xx

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