About Me

Hi, thank you so much for visiting me at my Blog :) I'm Georgee.. I'm a full time wedding and portrait photographer from Kent, UK with every single country in the world on my bucket list.
My fiance and I run our business together and we're pretty excited about life :)

Paying your hard earned cash to a photographer for every single milestone is obviously not feasable, so I wanted to share how-tos with parent's with cameras and photographers that are starting out.
We've been photographers for forever, but the business is only a few years old. One of the things people told me was to keep our 'hobby' photography away from the portrait and wedding side. Which makes complete sense, I want to be able to share the photoshoots and weddings we adore, but also the fun photos Rob takes of storms and of fun trips to London, of my friend's modeling in fields of sunflowers and my family taking big stupid group photos. 

This is us.... :)

Haa ok that totally is us but like 15 years ago :). This is us for real...

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