Less is More...

So I thought I would update you guys with a super secret tip to boosting your Facebook page profile. Something we learnt early on in the game which helped our marketing and saved us time.

We're very downhearted about Facebook nowadays (our fans see maybe 20% of our posts compared to when we first started thanks to FB's money-grabbing and my stubbornest to not pay them to boost every single thing) but there's still something very effective in posting recent shoots and seeing the reaction of their family and friends. 

You would assume, as we did, post an album and there's more chance for comments and likes and shares.  


 Post one. 

Just one photo of the shoot. One of the best.

Then - maybe - post another a few days later. Or post a group of 2-3 later on.

The impact is so much more powerful, you leave your audience wanting more.

Give it a go with your next shoot and you'll see the difference.

We've posted whole photoshoots and got a few likes, a couple of new followers and maybe a comment or two. 

One photo and boom, everyone wants to talk about it. People share it, they comment with love hearts and 'beautiful' and ask where it was taken and did so-and-so take that because wow. It's amazing.

And that's what you want. You want them to want more so they like your page, follow your updates and maybe even book you in the future.

It's a small tip, but it's one that has worked wonders for us so I hope it helps you guys move follow in your business :) 

Love, Georgee

P.S.  Don't forget - always have permission to post first. A lot of our client base either aren't on facebook or would prefer privacy, so always ask. You wouldn't want someone who is effectively a stranger to post pictures of you to their hundreds of fans without ok'ing it first either.

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