7 Tips to Make the Most of Your iPhone Camera

I'm still in Italy at the moment and it's super beautiful today. 

We all took carry-ons only, so we figured we'd only bring one camera between us this trip. It's a good plan as I don't take a lot of photos on my holidays because I tend to miss the moment when I'm trying to capture it on an SLR. 

So it's shared between my Dad and Rob while I snap away on my semi-new iPhone.

It's a different kind of challenge because there is very little control compared to a 'real' camera but I have a few tips for those of you trying to take holiday snaps with a small (but powerful!) camera phone.

1. Use the natural light.
Maybe it's just me, but I find the flash from the iPhone can ruin a photo. It's too harsh, too many shadows, you're much better using what's your eye is using.

2. Wipe the lens all the time.
Smudges will make a photo washed out and blurred.

3. Don't move too fast.
This is my hardest because I'm already looking for the next picture when my hand is off the clicker, but stay still for an extra second to make sure your photos are as sharp as possible.

4. Tap on the screen where you want the focus.
This determines the exposure (how light/dark the photo is). If it's people your photographing, click on their faces for the right exposure for the subject.

5. Tap around on the screen for find the best light.
Clicking on a bright light may give you a silhouette or a dark area a dramatic skyline so play around with it to see what looks great.

6. Look for different angles.
Go low, use buildings to frame or natural lines to lead to your subjects.

7. Move Closer.
If you want a closer crop, don't zoom in but move yourself nearer. The zoom is digital so you're losing quality.

Thanks for reading guys, let me know if you have any tips of your own :)

Love Georgee

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