Printable Wedding Planner...

Check out the new products we've just stocked!!

Our very own wedding planner made into everyone's very own wedding planner (and a destination one, because that's what I'm using and I know how hard it is to find anything for us destination brides!)

It can be ordered here:

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How to win at your photography business

So... we're going to talk about word of mouth.

Is it just me who dislikes the subject of word of mouth?? I feel like I needed to rip of the plaster (or band-aid whatevs :) ) for this post. 

Christmas Freebie - Photoshop Storyboards!

Merry Christmas peeps!!

For those of you with photoshop, check out our 3 Free Photoshop Storyboard Templates here.

The templates are some of my favourite storyboards - ones Rob and myself use mainly for cake smashes, but there's plently of uses for them.

PS. if you post online, send me a link! I'd love to see what they get used for >.<

Georgee xxx

Beautiful Autumn-y Colours

How much I love this time of year is crazy. I don't love it now because it's freezing and wet and windy, but a month ago? It was beautiful. Orange and red and yellow everywhere.

We knew it was getting prettier and prettier so we set out to do a week of mini sessions where met families in a park local to our house. Mini sessions aren't something we do often, but coming up to Christmas they are a great way to appeal to people who know of us but have never used our services personally as well as get to have some fun with a whole bunch of people :)

One of my favourite sessions of the week - though it was hard to choose - was this gorgeous family who we had to reschedule due to dark, wintery weather. And what a good job it was that we did - the next day was perfect. Despite it being a half an hour session we took so many photos it was almost impossible to choose - so here's 5 out of about 40!!

Love, Georgee

Less is More...

So I thought I would update you guys with a super secret tip to boosting your Facebook page profile. Something we learnt early on in the game which helped our marketing and saved us time.

We're very downhearted about Facebook nowadays (our fans see maybe 20% of our posts compared to when we first started thanks to FB's money-grabbing and my stubbornest to not pay them to boost every single thing) but there's still something very effective in posting recent shoots and seeing the reaction of their family and friends. 

How to Be an Exceptional Wedding Photographer

There's the obvious - take great photos. But that's not what I wanted to talk about today. You can take gorgeous wedding photographs - the best - and still be a sub-par photographer. 

I once spoke to a bride who told me about her sisters wedding where the photographer actually stopped the ceremony (THE CEREMONY!!) in order to get them to pose. It was pretty simple - no matter how gorgeous the photos were, they were not going to hire him again.

It's customer service that you need to pride yourself on, as well as the photos. If you want the bride's sister's wedding, her friends and family, then you need to be remembered as the wedding photographer. That person who made the wedding just a little bit better and took the best photos ever. My Dad was always naturally good at it, I think. He never advertised - it was all word of mouth because he's a brilliant at photographer and such a wonderful guy to have at your wedding.

So here's a few tips to making sure you are remembered for all the right reasons;

Regularly Scheduled Programme

So I've been a little bit slow to post the last two weeks, I've not disappeared or anything, just very overworked!!

Rob showed me this yesterday... (except the 'no we don't have time' we always make time) it's spot on!!